Tall Nordic Light Glass - Set Of 2

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This tall artisanal glass is the perfect vessel for a vintage cocktail. The medium volume allows for serving drinks with ice. The geometry of this  glass makes it ideal for serving cocktails. Perfect for a wedding, party or celebration, the tall Nordic glasses look elegant and unique. The orangish tinge of the glasses makes them lovely in appearance and gives you the advantage of decorating the table with the least bit of effort.

Material : Glass

Height : 16 cm

Width : 7 cm

Weight : 230 grams

Capacity : 380 ml

Set of 2

This tall handmade glass is the ideal container for an old-fashioned cocktail. Ice can be added to drinks while serving due to the medium volume. This glass's shape makes it perfect for serving cocktails. The tall Nordic glasses have an exquisite and distinctive appearance that are ideal for a wedding, party, or celebration. The glasses have a nice appearance thanks to their orange tint, and you may decorate the tray with them.

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