Elegant Active Wine Bottle Cooler

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The Active Wine Cooler Elegant holds a re-usable cooling element that can chill a bottle within minutes.

The Active Bottle Cooler Wine Elegant actively chills your favourite bottle of wine and keeps it cool and refreshing. The elegant case contains a cooling element which makes sure your bottle remains at its ideal serving temperature for longer. Keep the cooling element in your freezer for at least 6 hours prior for optimal use.

The flexible cooling element inside is designed to fit tightly around your 700ml-1 L wine bottles. Once used, fold the cooling element flat and place in the freezer for next time. This elegant wine cooler is ideal for a fancy dinner, barbecue or another outdoor event and is the perfect bottle cooler for any occasion. 


Height : 20.5 cm

Mouth Width : 11 cm

Base width : 15 cm

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