Reindeer Wine Pourer (Set of 2)

₹ 1,999
Color: Greyish Black
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The perfect way to accessorize your bar is with this Reindeer Wine Pourer. It comes in four different colors. The metallic wine pourer basically has the head of a reindeer as its design with the antlers and a mouth. Since the mouth of the reindeer is narrow, it lets the liquid flow out of the bottle smoothly without spilling or scattering. You just have to remove the cap of the bottle and fix the wine pourer tightly before using it.

Material : Metal

Color : Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Greyish Black

Size : Length : 10 Cm

Width : 06 Cm

Metal bottle pourer shaped like a reindeer. Stainless steel and food-grade materials are used inside. The outer material is high quality, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and reusable. The stopper is made of food-grade plastic, which is secure and good for the environment.
Wine spills should be kept to a minimum, and the pouring should be flawless! To ensure a leak-free closure for wine and whisky bottles of various sizes, the stopper does the job very well.  Excellent for wine, spirits, and other bottled beverages.

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