Mastermind Bookend - Set Of 2

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How sophisticated a bookend can get? Search no more! The Mastermind bookend is an amazing bookend concept brought to reality. Each bookend in the pair consists of a thoughtful figurine on a golden base stand. The base has a nice build quality and is ought to bring a sense of awe in an avid reader’s mind. Get a set of Mastermind Bookends for your study and uplift your reading environment by several numbers!

Material : Metal

Color : Gold

Dimensions : 14 x 13 x 18 cm

Set of 2 Pieces/sides

There is never enough time to read. There are always new things to read, learn, and enjoy. With the help of these clever textured wood bookends, any flat surface may become a paradise for books. The ideal present for every bibliophile you know.

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