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The Self-Stripe Single Malt Tasting Glass is a specialized glassware designed specifically for enjoying and savoring single malt whiskies. It features a unique curved shape that is specifically designed to enhance the nosing experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the aromas and complexities of the whisky.

The self-stripe feature refers to the etched lines or grooves on the inside of the glass. These lines help to create a controlled and consistent flow of whisky as you swirl it, releasing and concentrating the aromas for a more pronounced nosing experience.

The curved shape of the glass is designed to direct the aromas towards your nose, capturing and concentrating the nuances of the whisky. The narrower rim of the glass also helps to funnel the aromas to your senses, allowing for a more focused and enjoyable nosing experience.

The glass is typically made from high-quality, lead-free crystal, which provides exceptional clarity and allows you to appreciate the color and texture of the whisky. It is also designed to have a comfortable and balanced grip, allowing you to hold the glass with ease and stability while nosing and sipping.

The Self-Stripe Single Malt Tasting Glass is ideal for whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs who want to fully experience the depth and complexity of single malt whiskies. Its specialized design and curved shape help to accentuate the aromas and create a more immersive tasting experience.

When using the glass, it's recommended to pour a smaller amount of whisky to allow for swirling and nosing without overwhelming the senses. This allows you to fully appreciate the unique characteristics and flavors of the whisky.

Overall, the Self-Stripe Single Malt Tasting Glass with its curved shape and self-stripe feature offers a refined and purpose-built vessel for enjoying and exploring the world of single malt whiskies.



Height: 12cm

Mouth Width: 4cm

Capacity: 170ml

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