Sling Platter

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The Sling platter has a stunning design. A platter with 2 wires overhead majorly contributes to the look and feel of the product. The premium of the platter is unleashed by its sturdy and amazing design. A one-of-its-kind platter to serve that extra love to your guests. Ideal for everyday use, and a perfect gift item. Do give it a shot whilst enhancing the use case at your home!

Material : Ceramic with Bamboo Wood Holder

Height : 18.5 cm

Diameter : 25 cm

Weight : 800 grams

The Sling platter is beautifully made. The appearance and feel of the product are greatly influenced by a plate with two wires hanging above it. The platter's strong and magnificent design unleashes its premium. A one-of-a-kind platter to show your visitors a little extra love. Perfect as a gift and for everyday usage. Do try it out while improving your home's use case! 

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