Spring Sake Shot Set With Decanter

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The Spring Sake Set has a set of vessels which possess an extremely extraordinary design. Each item in the set has a blossoming tree embedded on their side, which is definitely an amazing addition. The body of the items is translucent which add a spirit of purity to the set, and whilst the design outwards add the immensely beautiful touch required by it.

1 Set Includes 1 Decanter / 1 bucket & 4 shot glasses

The vessels included in the Spring Sake Set have an incredibly unique design. An outstanding touch to the set is the integrated flowering tree on the side of each piece. Translucent bodies give the set a feeling of purity, while the pieces' exterior designs give it the stunning finishing touch it needs.


Material : Glass

Decanter Height: 15cm

Bucket Height :9cm

Bicket Width:11cm

Glass Height: 4.5cm

Glass Width: 6cm



Decanter: 330ml

Bucket: 560ml

Glass: 45ml

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