Turkey Made Vintage Cognac Stemware - Set of 2

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Elevate your cognac-drinking experience with the NUDE Vintage Cognac Glasses. Designed with a tapered opening, these glasses capture the delicate aroma of spirits and liqueurs, offering an unparalleled tasting experience. Each set includes two glasses, each with a generous capacity of 500 ml.

These Vintage Cognac Glasses are part of a wider glassware range by NUDE, allowing you to create a complete and coordinated collection for any occasion. Pair them with whiskey glasses, wine glasses or cocktail glasses to suit your preferences and entertaining needs.

Expertly crafted from high-quality glass, these glasses are both elegant and durable, designed to withstand regular use and dishwasher cleaning. Whether you're hosting a special event or enjoying a quiet evening at home, the NUDE Vintage Cognac Glasses are sure to impress with their timeless design and exceptional functionality.

In summary, the NUDE Vintage Cognac Glasses offer a stylish and sophisticated way to savor your favorite spirits, making them a must-have addition to any home bar or glassware collection.

The tapered opening of these NUDE Vintage cognac glasses is designed to capture the subtle aroma of spirits and liqueurs for an unmatched tasting experience. Presented in a set of two, each piece has a capacity of 16.9 fl oz. And can be paired with a wider glassware range including whiskey, wine, water, and cocktail options.

Guided by the belief that simple is beautiful, the European brand creates lead-free crystal glassware to embellish without overwhelming it.


Height: 13.5cm

Mouth Width: 6.5

Capacity: 500ml

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