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The Veronese Crystal Tall Glass by Luigi Bormioli is an elegant and functional choice for serving cocktails, juices, and mocktails. This tall glass is made in Italy by the renowned brand Luigi Bormioli, known for its high-quality glassware.

With a capacity of 430 ml - SET OF 6, the Veronese Crystal Tall Glass is well-suited for serving a variety of drinks. Whether you're mixing up cocktails, enjoying a refreshing juice, or serving mocktails to your guests, this glass can accommodate your beverage of choice.

The glass is made of lead-free crystal, ensuring the safety and purity of your drinks. The use of crystal adds a touch of sophistication to your table setting and enhances the overall drinking experience.

The tall design of the glass allows you to showcase the colors and layers of your cocktails or mocktails, making them visually appealing to your guests. It also provides ample space for adding garnishes or ice cubes, enhancing the presentation and taste of your drinks.

Luigi Bormioli is known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The Veronese Crystal Tall Glass reflects this dedication, offering a combination of style and durability. It can withstand regular use and is designed to maintain its brilliance and clarity over time.

While this glass is not explicitly mentioned as dishwasher-safe, Luigi Bormioli products are generally dishwasher-friendly. However, to ensure the longevity and shine of your glass, it's always recommended to hand wash it with care.

Overall, the Veronese Crystal Tall Glass by Luigi Bormioli is a versatile and stylish choice for serving cocktails, juices, and mocktails. Its Italian craftsmanship, lead-free crystal construction, and generous capacity make it an excellent addition to your glassware collection for hosting gatherings or enjoying a refreshing drink at home.

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