exclusive smoker kit for whiskey and cocktail

That sounds like a great kit for anyone looking to add a smokey flavor to their whiskey and cocktails! The wooden cap and butane torch will allow you to smoke your cocktails rig...
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That sounds like a great kit for anyone looking to add a smokey flavor to their whiskey and cocktails! The wooden cap and butane torch will allow you to smoke your cocktails right at home, and the variety of wood chips included in the kit - maple, cherry, hickory, and oak - will give you plenty of options to experiment with different flavors.

  1. Oak: Oak is often used in the aging process of whiskey and wine, so it can bring a smooth and slightly vanilla-like flavor to your drinks. It's known for adding complexity and depth to the overall taste.

  2. Hickory: Hickory wood offers a strong and bold smoky flavor with a hint of sweetness. It's commonly used for smoking meats and can lend a robust character to your cocktails.

  3. Maple: Maple wood provides a milder smoky flavor compared to hickory. It also has a touch of sweetness that can complement the drink's profile, especially if you're aiming for a balanced and gentle smokiness.

  4. Cherry: Cherry wood imparts a fruity and slightly sweet aroma to the beverage. It can be a great choice if you want to add a subtle, nuanced layer of flavor that complements the existing taste.

Using the kit is simple: place your wood chips in the smoker cap, use the butane torch to ignite them, and then place the cap over your cocktail to allow the smoke to infuse into the drink. The included brush cleaner will make it easy to clean the smoker cap between uses.

Overall, this kit sounds like a fun and unique way to elevate your whiskey cocktails and give them a bold, smokey flavor. Plus, the exclusive gift box makes it a great gift for any whiskey lover or cocktail enthusiast.


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Regularcare. Use a slightly damp, soft and lint-free cloth for regular dust removal. Always clean in the direction of the grain.

Smoked or smokey drinks are usually alcoholic drinks that are infused with select aromatic smoke. This is achieved by special smoker kits like this one that allow you to make any smoked cocktail with desired ingredients, custom aromatic smokes, and controlled intensity for the richness of flavors. This exclusive smoker kit is a must-have for your barware collection - especially if you are a whiskey or cocktail enthusiast.

Creating the perfect smoked drinks can be considered an art in itself. Not only is the process very enjoyable to watch, the aroma and the newly defined richness of your favorite whiskey or cocktail is a true treat for the senses.  

You can create rich smoke-infused drinks with a variety of wooden chip including Oak, Cherry, Hickory, and Maple Wood Chips.

This kit comes with a premium wooden smoker cap, safe butane lighter, and four types of wooden chips. 

This is an exclusive smoker kit to make enriched whiskey and cocktail drinks with enhanced smoky flavors.


High quality wood

Usage Ideas
  • Great to make custom smoked whiskey drinks
  • Fantastic to use for enriched smoked cocktails

When to use different wood chips for smoky flavors?

Oak Wood Chips

If you want to create smoked whiskey with subtle vanilla-like flavors and add richness to the taste, burning Oak chips is the way to go. Oak is often used in the aging process of many whiskeys and wines. You will notice subtle earthiness and a comforting aroma with this drink. 

Cherry Wood Chips

The Cherry wood chips make for the perfect smoked whiskey for those who like fruity and sweet aromatic flavors. The Cherry wood chips bring out the sweet side of the whiskey and make the taste more appreciable as it gets more refined.

Hickory Wood Chips

Hickory is known to impart a bold, smokey flavor to drinks. This characteristic also makes it the perfect choice for curing meats. You can burn Hickory wood chips for strong flavors in your smoked whiskey. 

Maple Wood Chips

If you want the right balance of sweetness and smokiness in your whiskey, burning Maple chips is the best choice. Maple woods form a rich aroma which imparts subtle honey-like sweetness with the right amount of smoky zing to any drink. 

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