SMOKEY COCKTAIL – Adding beauty to your drinks

Every time we became a part of our friends’ and families’ celebrations, we were served with a plethora of food and drinks but the glassware refused to change. It was during one such occasion, that an idea struck our minds to create an assortment of glasses that would not only accentuate the beauty of drinks but also add some uniqueness to the celebrations due to their peculiar appearances.

This idea then inspired us to think out of the box and design glassware and barware that are practical and pocket friendly. We then collaborated with glass-smiths who will their impeccable skills transformed our designs into reality.

The friends and families provided us consistent support by appreciating the designs of the glassware and gave us feedback that helped us to improvise. It was during December 2019, that we decided to take a step further and approached factories to work with us to create these wonderful pieces for glassware for our customers.

Smokey Cocktail – a name, that believes in creating an impression on the mind of people, by adding an individuality to your glassware while simultaneously complimenting your style.

Our Mission

Our mission is to beautify each of drinking experience, be it your morning coffee or your evening Wine session. We believe that each drink, if sipped from the right cup / mug / glass, enhances your mood and brings a sense of joy.

With Smokey Cocktail, you set a benchmark of your drinking affairs.

Our Products –

Smokey Cocktail amasses both classic and modern, fancy and subtle , raw and refined glassware. Each glass promises a high quality adding luxury to your house.

We provide exclusive glasses for all occasion. If you are a teetotaler, worry not, we have got you covered too, with our Coffee Cups and fancy Mocktail glasses.