Double Wall Female Torso Glass - SET OF 2

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This one-of-a-kind glass has a unique and sensuous design that will add ambience to your table and impress your guests. When pouring the drinks, the liquids will instantly take the shape of the female torso, making the glass a piece of art. The glass is free of lead and does not react with even hot drinks. Though the double walled female torso glasses are best suited for mocktails, cocktails, beer, etc. they can also be used for chilled lemonades.

Material : Glass

Height : 10.5 cm

Width : 8.5 cm

Capacity : 175 ml

Set of 2

Show off your great taste in art and drinks with this one-of-a-kind glass. Instead of pouring your drink into a traditional glass, liquids will take the shape of a sensual female torso. The elegant design is made without lead and is resistant to hot liquids.

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