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  1. Adjustable Dispensing Settings: The dispenser allows for customizable wine quantities ranging from 1 to 999ml, ensuring precision in pouring without the concern of overflow.

  2. Automatic Stop Function: After dispensing the set quantity of wine, the dispenser automatically stops, eliminating the risk of overfilling. This feature enhances convenience and avoids spills.

  3. Intelligent Operation: The dispenser operates with touch-sensitive technology. One-handed wine dispensing is achieved effortlessly—the cup touching the switch initiates wine flow, and when the cup is removed, the dispenser stops.

  4. Accurate Quantitative Control: The dispenser ensures accuracy in dispensing the set wine amount, ensuring that the dispensed quantity closely matches the predetermined setting.

  5. Versatile Adaptability: Designed to fit various bottle openings, the dispenser includes three silicone plugs of different sizes. It also features a retractable straw suitable for different bottle heights. This versatility makes it suitable for dispensing a variety of alcoholic beverages, including sake, whiskey, shochu, fruit wine, rice wine, spirits, and wine.

  6. Intelligent Touch Digital Display: The dispenser features a digital display control panel, showcasing the set quantity during operation. It also displays the wine decanter function and facilitates touch-switch operation. The dispenser shifts to a non-quantitative mode when the adjustment value reaches 0 and stops when the wine is fully dispensed.

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