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This glassware set beckons for one fine cocktail. Pour your next favourite drink into these gorgeous glasses and experience it to its fullest with your friends and family. Not only savour the drink in your mouth and with your taste buds but also clink the glasses without an ounce of fear that they will break or crack. Just remember: One might be not enough, but you should stop before anything over two.

Material : Crystal Glass

Size :  Length : 15 Cm

Mouth Width : 07 Cm

Capacity : 450 ml

Set of 6

The TALL FLOW GEO GLASS is a set of 6 crystal glassware pieces designed for a delightful drink experience. The glasses are 15 cm in length and have a mouth width of 7 cm, holding a capacity of 450 ml each. These glasses are made of durable crystal glass, making them safe to clink without fear of breakage or cracking.

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