Turkey Made Nude Altruist Ash-tray

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It's interesting to know that this collection is the result of three years of study and creation, and includes designs from well-known designers such as Ron Arad.

The fact that Nude embraces contemporary design and offers affordable premium products is also noteworthy. It seems that the brand values purity in the shape of an object over embellishment or style, which is an interesting perspective on design.

Furthermore, the fact that the ashtrays are expertly handcrafted adds to their appeal, and it's good to know that they are available in both clear and black crystal. Overall, it appears that the Nude heavyweight ashtrays collection is a high-quality and design-focused collection that would be a great addition to any smoking area.

Item Weight : 1.28 KG

Dimesions : 15 * 15 * 3.5 cm

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