Beak Wine Carafe/Decanter-MADE IN TURKEY

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The Beak Wine Carafe by Nude Glass. It's interesting to know that the carafe is named for its magnified pouring spout and resembles a bird in its slim profile, which is a unique and stylish design choice.

The fact that the carafe is designed by Tomas Kral and is made to minimize potential chances of accidental spillage or aeration while pouring wine is impressive, as it shows that functionality and practicality are also important considerations in the design.

Additionally, it's good to know that Nude Glass prides itself on creating minimal and ultra-modern glassware that transcends trends and establishes itself at the forefront of interior design. The use of lead-free crystal glass is also noteworthy, as it indicates a commitment to creating delicate yet fully-functional centerpieces for interior home furnishings.

Finally, the recommendation to handwash the carafe is a helpful tip for ensuring its longevity and maintaining its delicate appearance. Overall, the Beak Wine Carafe by Nude Glass seems like a great choice for those who appreciate unique and stylish design in their glassware, as well as practicality and functionality.

  • Designed by Tomas Kral
  • Material: Lead-free crystal
  • Made In Turkey
  • Color: Clear
  • Handwash recommended


    Height: 25.5cm

    Mouth Width: 8cm

    Capacity: 1600ml

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