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The Decanter Spiegelau Casual combines simplicity, practicality, and affordability in a design that stands at 240 mm in height with a volume of 1400 ml and a width of 135 mm. Crafted by the renowned German glass manufacturer, Spiegelau, this decanter benefits from over five centuries of hand craftsmanship and innovative modern glass-making technologies. The use of Platinum technology during production enhances its durability, making it dishwasher safe. Spiegelau is committed to providing wine lovers with the highest quality glasses, blending aesthetics with durability and value. The Casual Entertaining decanter reflects this dedication, offering a pleasurable and enduring wine experience. Acquired by Georg Riedel in 2004, Spiegelau is now part of the Riedel Glass Works, ensuring a legacy of fine stemware and tableware for everyday use. With its German origin, this decanter is a testament to Spiegelau's commitment to excellence in both design and functionality, making it a valued addition to homes and fine restaurants worldwide.



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