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The Electric Wine Aerator and Pourer is a device designed to enhance the flavor and aroma of wine while providing a smooth and controlled pouring experience. It is available in two color options: red and black.

This electric aerator and pourer is specifically designed to introduce oxygen into the wine as it is poured, allowing it to breathe and develop its flavors more quickly than traditional decanting methods. The aeration process can help soften the tannins, release aromas, and improve the overall taste of the wine.

The device is easy to use. Simply insert the pourer into the neck of the wine bottle, and with a press of a button, the electric pump will start working, drawing the wine through a system that infuses it with air. The wine is then poured smoothly and evenly into your glass.

The Electric Wine Aerator and Pourer can be a great addition to wine tasting events, dinner parties, or simply for personal use. It provides a convenient way to aerate and pour wine without the need for a separate decanter, saving time and effort.

Both the red and black color options add a sleek and stylish look to the device. You can choose the color that best fits your personal style or matches your existing barware collection.

Overall, the Electric Wine Aerator and Pourer in red or black offers a convenient and effective way to enhance your wine-drinking experience by aerating and pouring wine with ease and style.


Height: 16.5cm

Width: 6cm

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