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It sounds like the knight symbolizes many positive qualities that one can aspire to embody. The reminder to keep pushing forward in the face of obstacles is a valuable lesson for anyone, and the idea of achieving glory through endurance and purity is inspiring. It's also admirable to possess a distinct perspective on the world and inspire others to achieve their goals.

Being a commander who embodies nobility, royalty, and chivalry is a testament to one's character, and the bravery, vision, and inherent sense of leadership that come with it are valuable qualities in both personal and professional settings. Additionally, the ability to maintain humility despite holding high positions is a rare and admirable trait that can help one maintain healthy relationships and respect from others.

Overall, the symbolism of the knight as a representation of these positive qualities is something that many people can relate to and aspire to emulate in their own lives.

Height : 40.5 cm and base width 15.5 cm 

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