Fairmont Decanter Set

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The perfect decanter set – Fairmont decanter set is here to cater to all your serving requirements. The decanter is accompanied by two glasses for a full serve of drinks. Enjoy your breweries with the people you like, supported by this wonderful decanter set! The touch of golden lining around the neck of the decanter is an added bonus to the already amazing set. Get a set today to uplift your drinking experience to a whole new level!

Material : Glass

Capacity (Decanter) : 900 ml

1 set includes : 1 Decanter with wooden lid & 2 glasses (Tray not included)

Looking for something to serve your beers in? Fairmont decanter set will do the trick! The decanter and glasses are made of high quality glass which is transparent enough to not only show off the beauty of your drinks but also to let you see when it’s time to refill.

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