Stria Glass

₹ 1,699
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Using this glass, you may enjoy delectable sweets with a touch of flair.  This beautiful glass can endure high temperatures, making it easy to clean and gives it a lovely finish. It also features a basic appearance that adds to its overall charm. The appealing designer look of this glass makes it ideal for presenting desserts, ice cream sundaes, puddings, fruit, salad, cakes, and drinks. 

Material : Glass with Gold Rim

Capacity : 300 ml

Height : 13 cm

Width : 7.5 cm

Our wide assortment of glassware has been painstakingly made to produce items that thrill. They encourage you to indulge by awakening the art of entertaining within you. Our glassware accommodates all events with ease and poise. This is whether it is a gratifying sip of water, a delectable taste of the finest spirits, or a splash of enjoyable beverages.


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