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The Vacu Vin Wine Decanter allows your wine to aerate in an elegant way. Thanks to the wide shape of the carafe, the wine has a larger surface to breathe. By gently decanting your wine you can filter sediment from the wine bottle. The cork stopper protects your wine from flies and dust. The wine carafe with a traditional shape is made from premium crystal glass.

A wine decanter can be used to decant wine or to aerate your wine.  With aged wines you can filter sediment by pouring gently into the wine decanter. The sediment at the bottom should stay in the bottle. While aerating your wine you want to expose the wine to air for extra oxygen intake. In this way the wine can develop its flavor and smooth out sharp tones.

  • Crystal glass wine decanter to aerate your wine
  • Let your wine to breathe in an elegant way
  • Premium wine decanter made from crystal glass
  • Cork stopper to enclose the carafe included
  • Highly durable product for prolonged use
  • The perfect gift idea for wine lovers

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