10 Best-in-Class Serving Platters for All Your Impressive Feasts

gaurav sharma

Everyone knows the taste of your food is only as good as the tableware in which you serve it! Okay, maybe that's partially true, but an excellent presentation will surely enhance the quality of your meal, especially when you have guests. With that in mind, we've found the best serving plates to pair with your tableware, helping to enhance your kitchen table set for the holiday season and beyond.

Here we've rounded up options for every occasion to suit any home decor style. There are traditional ovals as well as modern rectangles. Browse best platters & trays with scalloped edges and ornate handles. You can also choose from classic white or uniquely coloured serving trays and vibrant flowers (from The Pioneer Woman collection, of course). There is also a wide range of materials to meet all your needs: Porcelain, ceramics, stoneware, earthenware and even marble.

Whether serving turkey at a festive party or preparing a plate of cold cuts for a small gathering, you'll find something for all your entertainment. Thanks to their durability, some of them can even be used for everyday family dinners. You'll also appreciate features like spill-proof edges, handles, and the ability to toss them in the dishwasher when you're done. So to serve trays that make your spreads look as good as they taste, browse through these great and functional options!


What could be better than a beautiful serving tray? Three, of course! Your starter, main course and dessert can all be matched with this porcelain set. They have splash-proof edges and an ergonomic design that is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.


Want to express your love and compassion to someone? So here is the benevolent heart for the occasion. A plate for serving snacks with dipping sauce or ketchup is here from Smokey Cocktail. The shape of compassion plate is heart-shaped and has a smaller heart attached at the top. Serve food in larger hearts and dip in smaller hearts. This product comes in pink and green tones, delicately edged in gold.


Enjoy your delicacies on a ribbed porcelain plate - the result of many new thoughts and concepts. The design of the grill base gives it an unusual look and deserves a place in your pantry collection. While also a perfect gift, ribbed ceramic plates will always impress you with the gold finish around the edges. The different colour options never leave you with a choice of servings. Suitable for any occasion, always delight your guests with the difference a ribbed ceramic plate can make.


The Sling Tray has a gorgeous design. A tray with two wires on the top contributes mainly to the product's appearance. The premium of the tray is represented by its sturdy and beautiful design. A one-of-a-kind plate to serve that extra love to your guests. Ideal for everyday use and a perfect gift. Try it out while improving your use case at home!


Do you have muffins or cupcakes? Show them off in style with this premium two-tier stand. When you purchase this product, you will receive a metal stand as well as two ceramic plates that will give you the perfect dining table decoration. Whether it's a birthday party or an anniversary, you'll never go wrong with this product when all you have to do is display the confectionery and your job is done. The high-quality metal base is simply gorgeous and the porcelain plates finish the base simply.


Enhance your dining room aesthetic in a luxurious, sparkling setting with the Iron Art Ceramic Fruit Stand. It is a beautiful and attractive product, and it does more than just put fruit on the table. The wire rack below the wiring board at the top is high enough for everyone around to reach while allowing other items to fit on the table. Buy one from numerous sizes and options!


A perfect high-end glossy dessert counter is here. The booth is designed with beautiful service in mind. The entire setup adds a glimpse of royalty in the eyes of the viewer – not to mention the matching pieces on this product. The compactness of this display allows you to serve multiple desserts in a small space, brightening up your table space. The setup is supported by a well-structured stand that ensures premium quality in all its beauty!


This undulating rectangular ceramic plate set is just what one needs to enhance the service as well as the dining experience. The undulating design on the tray is amazing, adding to the tray's design. This elegant piece is crafted with a unique design to add sophistication. It will complete your dining room. The tray has the excellent build quality and a sturdy design.


With great thought behind the product's design, the porcelain baking sheet is arguably the best in its class. The sturdy mesh design at the base comes with an enchanting gold lining along the edges. Various colour options ensure that you will always have ideas in your catering collection. Whether it's a simple snack or a party in its own right, the porcelain plate must stand out.


The Circlet Tray gives you a combination of function and design. The different colour options come with a gentle hint of gold along the edges. The baking bottom design is another layer of icing on the cake. Ideal for any occasion, whether it's a small gathering or a personal event, the circular tray is ready for you. Get a set and upgrade your homeware collection today!

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