6 Best Sculptures for Dog Lovers

Dogs are just angels without wings! Ask any dog lover and they will tell you how having a pooch changed their life forever. Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years, and this precious bond has only gotten stronger with generations. Dogs guard, work, protect, love, and stay unconditionally loyal to their masters. Not to mention, true dog lovers consider their pooch an integral part of the family. 

It is not an uncommon sight where humans devote a considerable amount of time, energy, and money for the well-being of their loving pet dogs. To celebrate this age-old friendship that has inspired numerous memorable pros and stories - we bring to you something very special today. 

Artful dog sculptures and decor pieces are not only a tribute to your pet, but also a vibrant message about your love for them. If you are a cool dog-loving person, these dog sculptures and home decor items inspired by them will certainly elevate your place’s vibe score.  

Check out the best sculptures for dog lovers below!

Dachshund Graffiti Dog Decor 

Dachshunds have been a popular dog breed among the owners in India. Their distinct long body, powerful snout and adorable floppy ears can melt anyone’s heart. This Dachshund Graffiti Dog Decor piece is inspired by this breed’s unique traits. Its unique street-style graffiti pattern brings out the best of vivid colors over the glistening white body. This Dachshund sculpture has a magnetic attraction, especially its eyes that make it look so life-like. 

If you are a dog lover with a colorful personality, this decor piece will be a great addition to your home. 

Dachshund Graffiti Dog Decor

Cute Dog Bottle Holder

It might just happen that you are a dog lover and a spirits connoisseur. To please that rare intersection of your personality and taste, this unique Cute Dog Bottle Holder is the perfect choice. This is an imported, unique piece of barware that will immediately communicate your witty, zesty and tasteful side. This holder is made from premium quality resin that brings out its intricate design and details. All-in-all, this is a fabulous collectible for your own bar and a terrific gift idea for another dog lover that you may know!


Sturdy Dog Statue With Tray

If ‘bling’ and ‘bossy’ describe you, chances are that you own a Pitbull or a Bulldog - just kidding! No stereotyping here ;-)

This fabulous black dog statue with a golden tray is an excellent piece for your home and office. Made from Nordic Resin, this dog funky dog statue is ideal for placing your keys, wallet or other daily-use objects like glasses and wrist watches. If you like throwing parties, try putting a few cocktail shots in this bossy dog’s tray - you will be striking many conversations. 


Puzzled Dog Decor

Some decor elements in your home and office must be direct reflections of your taste and love for these loyal canines. Nothing speaks of a more bold and vibrant taste than this decor piece. This Puzzled Dog Decor sculpture flaunts a colorful puzzle pattern. It embodies a strong vibe of playfulness and creativity. 

Made from Resin, this beautiful dog decor piece is durable and sturdy, and will be a fabulous addition to any room.   


Abstract Dog Figurine Table

Dog enthusiasts will be able to tell the dog breed hidden in this abstract piece of exquisite furniture. It is definitely a black Doberman Pinscher, a long-standing symbol of power, dominance, and style. This Abstract Dog Figurine Table will be an amazing eye-catcher for any living or office space. The black and silver figurine blends perfectly with the golden tray it is holding in its jaw - a sturdy utility that can be used to keep handbags, cellphones, etc. 

Moreover, this dog figurine table is dust-proof. That means it is a breeze to clean and maintain. No wonder it is a grand choice to add charm to any interior space - as your own or as a gift. 

Cool Dog Storage Decor

This one is a bonafide whimsical piece. Check out this super cool dog-shaped storage decor piece. Talk about mixing fun with function! It's not just any storage piece; it's an artistic way to keep your stuff organized while adding a quirky twist to your decor. Imagine a storage solution that's as playful as it is practical, bringing a bit of that dog-lover vibe into your space. 

If you're all about adding character to your home and keeping clutter at bay, this is your go-to. It's an innovative, stylish way to show off your love for dogs and keep things in order.

Moreover, its light green finish is a treat to the eyes. Made from resin, this dog storage decor piece is sturdy and durable - allowing you to store your favorite chocolates, loose change, etc. for a long time to come. 


So, which dog sculpture caught your attention? 

Did you pick it for yourself or as a gift for your friend? If you liked it enough, spread the word about Smokey Cocktail with your dog-lover peers. We are always excited to bring new and unique items in this category and others. 

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