Best Wines Under Rupees 1000 for You to Try

sourabh bajaj

It might be wrong to say that wine is another expensive indulgence as good wines can be found even under Rs 1000! Here is a list of some of the best wines under Rs 1000 in India that you can indulge in without feeling guilty. 

These wines are proven wines when paired with the right wine glass, according to our research! We have also added some of the most affordable wine options in case there's a reason you may not be able to source wine under this budget.

So, if you are just getting started in the world of wines - here are some of the best wines under Rupees 1000 for you to enjoy!

(Note: The prices included are only for reference and indication. Actual prices may vary as per the brands subject to pricing change, local and state taxes, and stock availability. The prices indicated here do not in any way vouch for the actual pricing of the products.)

Sula Chenin Blanc (price – ₹800)

Sula Vineyards has long been a popular wine brand in India. This Chenin Blanc is a semi-dry and delightfully light white wine with hints of green apple and melon on the nose. Serve chilled on a warm evening with light appetizers or seafood. You can enhance this wine’s experience with this electric wine aerator and pourer!

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Grover Zampa Art Collection Sauvignon Blanc (price – 950)

Grover Zampa displays its prowess for elegance and value with its Art Collection series, and this Sauvignon Blanc is no exception. It’s zesty and crisp, with hints of tropical fruits. It is the perfect selection for wine drinkers who enjoy a splash of El fresco white wines. 

Fratelli Sangiovese (Price: ₹995)

Fratelli Wines introduces an Italian classic into the Indian whiles scene: Sangiovese, a light red wine mixed with mostly cherry and plum flavors and very soft tannins. This wine is often paired with pasta, especially manly red sauced pasta with tomato-based pizza. After a few years, we still have those old and cherished memories. Carefully, it is so tender that it feels like a feather to bite, especially when combined with spiciness. 

KRSMA Estates Sauvignon Blanc (price – ₹1,050)

At a slightly higher price point of ₹1,050, the KRSMA Estates’ Sauvignon Blanc bottle is well worth the extra rupees. With a combination of citrus and tropical fruits lingering on a crisp finish, this is the perfect choice for white lovers looking for a refreshing option in the summer.

York Arros (Price: ₹975)

York Winery brings you the most delightful combination of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, a full-bodied wine with intense dark berries infused with notes of chocolate and spice. So, if you like this for your food, you should have one with lamb dishes or beef stew. This will bring so much more flavor—it is like dipping a pastry in chocolate and also a bit of salt.

Big Banyan Merlot (price – 890)

This Merlot by Big Banyan has a nice, soft profile. Its plum and black fruit flavors feel very rounded and ripe. It is great for drinking solo or enjoying various dishes, particularly roasted veggies or lighter meats.Try this magic aerator with stand to elevate your wine experience even further. 

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Seagram’s Nine Hills Viognier (price – 920)

This bonfire-like body, Guilty by Seagram's Nine Hills, is an aromatic white wine with hints of peach and apricot, with notes of peach on the lower register. It's a versatile wine that’s perfect with grilled fish or spicy Asian cuisine.

Some More Affordable Wines for You

Looking for something a little more budget-conscious or unavailable from the above options? Feel free to try the following! 

Dia Sparkling Wine (Price: ₹750) 

Dia—sparkling wine from one of India’s finest winemakers, Sula Vineyards, is the perfect way to add fun and effervescence to that special occasion. You can even pair it with this smart luxury electric wine pourer for gifting, or your own use.

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Sula Red Wine (PRICE: ₹850)

Sula's Red Wine comes at a significantly lower price but lacks nothing in flavor! Five red wine grapes: syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, etc

Four Seasons Blush (Price: ₹700)

Four Seasons Blush is a lovely, light and fruity rosé that is both affordable and enjoyable. It's fine to have a glass at lunchtime or simply on your own at the end of another day. Moreover, it will go well if used with this smart electric wine pourer.

Note that it’s possible to find very drinkable wines that touch Rs 1,000. With the markets booming and production rates high, you should be able to find the right kind of wines that suit everybody’s palette and style with these wines. This sounds like the way to upgrade to the best quality wine/drinking practice without digging a bigger hole in your wallet.

If you like Trentino-Alto Adige Gewürztraminer from Italy or Rioja or Ribera del Duero wines from Spain, go to a wine shop and ask the assistant to guide you on how to get them. For readers who are not so into wines and find it hard to know all the wines to taste, choose from the wines listed above, which offer and fit for all pockets and situations often seen in home and office parties. 

Inspire Your Passion for Wines

In sunlit fields where vines entwine,

Grows nectar sweet, a gift divine.

From grape to glass, a journey's thread,

Rich ruby hues, and golden spread.

In every sip, a tale unfolds,

Of sun and soil, and hands that hold.

A dance of flavors, bold and bright,

Awakens senses, pure delight.

In chalice raised, we toast the day,

To joys and sorrows swept away.

For in each drop, a moment's grace,

A timeless bond we all embrace.

So let us cherish, deep and true,

The wines that bind both me and you.

A symphony in every pour,

An endless love, forevermore…

Wine is a powerful nectar, entwined with humans for ages. Every wine speaks differently and hides a treasure chest of zest and passion - only to be discovered by its true appreciators. WIth the right wine glasses, this dance becomes even more joyful. 

We hope this article inspires you to have the right wine without spending more than pennies, which is worth every minute of your pocket’s contentment. Cheers! Enjoy your wine safely and responsibly!