Enhance Your Cocktail Experience with Smokey Cocktail's Exquisite Bar Equipment

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Having the proper equipment and accessories is crucial for a connoisseur of cocktails to make the ideal drink. The Smokey Cocktail company sells a line of luxurious bar accoutrements intended to improve your cocktail game. Smokey Cocktail provides all the supplies you want to set up a chic and upscale bar in your house, including LED coasters and ball ice trays.

Ball Ice Tray - Set of 2 Trays

Any aficionado of cocktails should own the Smokey Cocktail Ball Ice Tray. Two pans that can simultaneously produce eight flawless ice balls are part of the set. Due to their size, the enormous ice balls' slow melting rate keeps your drink cold without diluting it. The tray is solid and simple because it is made from premium silicone. Each tray has the Smokey Cocktail logo etched, giving your bar a refined touch.

Drink Automat Shot Glass with Decanter (Acrylic)

The Smokey Cocktail’s Drink Automat Shot Glass with Decanter is an exquisite addition to your bar. A decanter and four shot glasses are included in the set, each constructed of premium acrylic. The decanter's distinctive form makes it possible to pour your beverage without spilling a drop. It is simple to serve your guests because the shot glasses fit the decanter precisely.

Classic Cocktail Bar Set

For people who enjoy entertaining, Smokey Cocktail's Classic Cocktail Bar Set is ideal. The set comes with a spoon, shaker, jigger, and strainer, all constructed of premium stainless steel. A built-in filter in the shaker makes it simple to serve your drink without any ice or pulp. A single shot can be measured on one side of the jigger and a double shot on the other. To ensure that no ice or pulp enters your drink, the strainer clamps snugly onto the shaker. The Smokey Cocktail logo is imprinted on each spoon, making it ideal for stirring your drink.

LED Bucket with Handle

The Smokey Cocktail LED Bucket with Handle is a fashionable and useful addition to your bar. The bucket is constructed of premium acrylic and includes an integrated LED light with colour-changing capabilities. The Smokey Cocktail emblem is embossed on the side, and the handle makes it simple to transport the bucket from room to room. The bucket is ideal for keeping your wine or champagne cool, and the LED light gives your bar a touch of refinement.

LED Square Double Layer Ice Bucket

Your ice cubes will stay frozen in the LED Square Two Layer Ice Bucket from Smokey Cocktail. The bucket's unusual double-layer structure aids in preventing ice meltdown. A classy touch is added to your bar by the built-in LED light, which changes colours. High-quality acrylic was used to create the bucket, and the Smokey Cocktail emblem was embossed on one side.

LED Coaster - Set of 4

The Smokey Cocktail LED Coaster Set is a fashionable and useful addition to your bar. Each of the set's four coasters is crafted from premium acrylic. Thanks to the built-in LED lights that change colours, your bar will have a sophisticated touch.

Reindeer Wine Pourer (Set of 2)

The Smokey Cocktail Reindeer Wine Pourer is a distinctive and fashionable addition to your bar. Two pourers are included in the package; each fashioned like a reindeer. The pourers fit snugly onto any wine bottle and are constructed of premium silicone.

Our company's products are meticulously manufactured to satisfy the highest standards of use, sturdiness, and beauty. We are dedicated to quality and design. Our accessories, which range from the quality silicone of our ball ice trays to the elegant stainless steel of our traditional cocktail bar set, are fashionable and long-lasting.

We are dedicated to providing a remarkable, opulent and affordable drinking experience here at Smokey Cocktail. Everyone has the right to enjoy a finely made drink in the convenience of their own home. Our selection of bar accoutrements serves a practical purpose and gives any setting a touch of class.

We take great pride in being a company that prioritises quality, design, and client happiness. We carefully choose our products to make sure they live up to the standards set by our clients, and we're continually looking for ways to advance and innovate in our industry.

Every cocktail is a work of art, and our goods are made to assist you in creating and presenting your masterpieces in the most perfect manner. Whether you're a pro or a home mixologist, these high-end bar accessories will up your cocktail game. Join us in building a world where every cocktail is a work of art and every occasion is an excuse to splurge on the better things in life. Improve your drinking experience right now by exploring the realm of the smokey cocktail.