How to Setup a Fine Home bar?

sourabh bajaj

Imagine getting back to home after a long day at work and settling down on your favorite chair. You pour yourself a nice glass of your favorite whiskey in a fabulous glass. The music is set and the mood soars high. Your day’s exhaustion goes away in a poof! You take the first few sips and admire your cool home bar - your sacrosanct space in this chaotic universe. 

A cozy and tasteful home bar setup can add massive value to your leisure and life. Not only that, it can also be a great way to entertain your guests. So, if you are considering setting up a new home bar or upgrading your existing one, we have some select recommendations for you. These home bar setup ideas can elevate your drinking experience to a whole new level.

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What are the various equipment used in a home bar?

A home bar can be simple and minimalistic or as fancy and grand as you make it. But all of them will always have a few things in common. These include basic bar kit and accessories. This typically includes muddlers, ice tongs, ice buckets, shakers, and stirrers. Then comes the serveware which includes cocktail glasses, whiskey glasses, and other modern accessories to serve the drinks and food. For any home bar, you can also add decor and utility items like mood lightning, custom furniture, and so on.  

If you are looking to set up your own home bar, then the following items can add a distinct taste to yours.

LED Square Double Layer Ice Bucket

How about starting simple and with some colors? These ice buckets are unique and will add a vibrant look to your bar’s table top. Ordinary ice buckets are boring. We are talking about a magical experience that unfolds with the LED Ice Bucket. 

With colorful gradient lightning, a translucent glass finish, and ergonomic double-layer design (for easy water drainage and cleaning), this LED Square Ice Bucket will spoil you and your guests for choicest barware. 

The way its light bounces off of the ice and bottles makes the drinking experience even more special.

Smart Wine/Liquor Dispenser

Any wine or liquor is best-served with a professional who is trained in the art of serving it skillfully. While not all of us can have a personal bartender, here is something that comes close to the experience - even better in some aspects for your home bar setup. The Smart Wine/Liquor Dispenser is a showstopper when it comes to fusing technology and art for an elevated drinking experience. 

This electric wine/liquor dispenser comes with adjustable dispensing settings, automatic stop function, accurate quantity control, and convenient touch display for easy operation. You can set it to dispense 1-999 ml of any drink with a single tap, help mix different cocktails, and even dispense cocktails of the same taste and consistency. This is a must-have home bar accessory for anyone who wants a classy and hassle-free pouring experience for craft drinks. 

Trust us, your drink serving game at the parties will never be the same again with this smart liquor dispenser!

Electric Wine Opener/Aerator and Pourer

Are you a wine lover who wants to setup a utopian home bar for fellow wine lovers? Up until now, there were only a handful of innovations that helped elevate the wine drinking experience of the aficionados. The Electric Wine Opener/Aerator and Pourer changes this game. 

For wine enthusiasts, this device helps them effortlessly enjoy their favorite wine with sophistication and simplicity. It can be easily stored in your bar cabinet and is really intuitive to use. 

This electric wine opener, aerator and pourer helps oxygenate any wine before pouring it down (to remove the tannins). This enhances the character of the wine and greatly improves the taste. Then, one can easily pour the wine with a touch of the button.

You get this electric wine aerator and pourer with a foil cutter and wine stopper. These are designed to help you open any wine bottle seamlessly, and then store it with an airtight stopper to avoid spillage and spoilage. 

Smoker Kit for Whiskey and Cocktail

Have you ever wanted to create craft smokey drinks at home? It is fun to make them, especially when you have your own home bar setup. Well, the smokey flavor is a signature taste and is appreciated by many. That is the reason why this Smoker Kit for Whiskey and Cocktail is a big hit among the lovers of spirits. 

This exclusive smoker kit comes with a wooden cap, butane torch, and four types of wood chips (Oak, Hickory, Maple, and Cherry) - each carrying its own signature aroma and flavorful appeal for the drinker. From mild and fruity to bold and strong, you can have your favorite whiskey or cocktail smoked just the way you like it.

It is also easy to store and super handy to use. Just put it out on your bar’s table top and dazzle everyone with your craft smokey drinks. 

LED Coaster

Something as simple as a glass coaster can not only give you a refined drinking experience (by avoiding spills and condensation marks), but also add to your home bar’s vibrance. Yes, these unique coasters have in-built LED lights that can be switched on or off when in use. These emit beautiful colorful lights that reflect on the glass and bring out the best visual aesthetics for any drink.  

These coasters which come in a set of 4, are also sturdy and can easily bear heavy loads of glasses.

Cocktail Glasses

This is an area where you can truly make your home bar standout from the rest. While the aesthetics can vary with furniture and multiple other design factors, the drinking experience stems from the glass and the settings around. You can create a fancy collection of cocktail and whiskey glasses suitable for any occasion.

You can have unique collectibles like the bullet whiskey glass and dual martini glass or go for a simpler design language with the tall flow Geo glasses. Depending upon your taste and home bar’s vibe, you can make a classy and artful collection of the glassware to suit any occasion. 

So, how will you setup and decorate your home bar to match your bold taste? Checkout Smokey Cocktails for more ideas.

And remember to relax and party in style ;-)