Must Have Holi Party Glassware & Barware

sourabh bajaj

The colorful festival of Holi is almost here, and we are sure your celebration plans are in the making. Of course, we all cherish meeting our loved ones, playing with colors, and enjoying the spirited tastes of exquisite drinks. For this Holi, you can add a touch of finesse and artful taste to your celebration. We have an array of must-have glassware and barware that will add color and sophistication to your party. 

This isn't just about serving drinks; it's about creating memories, sharing laughs, and making every moment of your Holi party unforgettable. Get ready to dazzle your guests with colors and a Holi party experience enhanced by the perfect glassware and barware. 

Begin your festivities with these handpicked and curated items. 

Zodiac Shot Glasses with Glass Jug

If there are no spirit shots on Holi, the fun may damper a bit. But if you are someone who appreciates good spirits and classy barware, this set of Zodiac shot glasses is a must-have for you. While the drinks you serve from it will be a treat for the taste palette, the set itself is a visual treat. The element of gold artfully merges with the fine glass structure - making this set standout from others. 

You can even pick it as a thoughtful gift for someone who appreciates a tasteful barware collection. 
Zodiac shot glasses

Smart Wine/Liquor Dispenser

Any wine or liquor is best-served with a professional who is trained in the art of serving it skillfully. While not all of us can have a personal bartender on Holi, here is something that comes close to the experience - even better in some aspects. The Smart Wine/Liquor Dispenser is a showstopper when it comes to fusing technology and art for an elevated drinking experience. 

This electric wine/liquor dispenser comes with adjustable dispensing settings, automatic stop function, accurate quantity control, and convenient touch display for easy operation. You can set it to dispense 1-999 ml of any drink with a single tap, help mix different cocktails, and even dispense cocktails of the same taste and consistency.  

Trust us, your drink serving game at the parties will never be the same again with this smart liquor dispenser! Celebrate this Holi with this amazing barware device.

Smart Wine/Liquor Dispenser

LED Square Double Layer Ice Bucket

If you have high end and expensive liquor bottles stored in your bar cabinet, then they surely deserve a carrying cradle worthy of their spirit. Ordinary ice buckets are boring. We are talking about a magical experience that unfolds with the LED Ice Bucket. 

With colorful gradient lightning, a translucent glass finish, and ergonomic double-layer design (for easy water drainage and cleaning), this LED Square Ice Bucket will spoil you and your guests for choicest barware. 

The way its light bounces off of the ice and bottles makes the drinking experience even more special. And, as we are talking about Holi, there is no better way to remind us of the vibrant colors than this artful barware. Pick yours before the stock lasts. 

Electric Wine Opener/Aerator and Pourer

Wine lovers are a different breed - just like the coffee vs tea people! However, until now, there were only a handful of innovations that helped elevate the wine drinking experience of the aficionados. The Electric Wine Opener/Aerator and Pourer changes this game. 

For wine enthusiasts, this device helps them effortlessly enjoy their favorite wine with sophistication and simplicity. 

This electric wine opener, aerator and pourer helps oxygenate any wine before pouring it down (to remove the tannins). This enhances the character of the wine and greatly improves the taste. Then, one can easily pour the wine with a touch of the button.

At Smokey Cocktail, you get this electric wine aerator and pourer with a foil cutter and wine stopper. These are designed to help you open any wine bottle seamlessly, and then store it with an airtight stopper to avoid spillage and spoilage. It is a great pick for personal usage or a gifting item this Holi!

Smoker Kit for Whiskey and Cocktail

You may have met a whiskey or cocktail enthusiast who just loves to talk about the smokey flavor in their drinks. Well, the smokey flavor is a signature taste and is appreciated by many. That is the reason why this Smoker Kit for Whiskey and Cocktail is a big hit among the lovers of spirits. 

This exclusive smoker kit comes with a wooden cap, butane torch, and four types of wood chips (Oak, Hickory, Maple, and Cherry) - each carrying its own signature aroma and flavorful appeal for the drinker. From mild and fruity to bold and strong, you can have your favorite whiskey or cocktail smoked just the way you like it. Secure this amazing kit and prepare custom smoked drinks for your Holi party guests to leave a lasting impression!

this kit sounds like a fun and unique way to elevate your whiskey cocktails and give them a bold, smokey flavor.

Leather Handle Ice Bucket with Tong

A good ice bucket can prolong the fun at any gathering. For those who like their drink thoroughly chilled, this Leather Handle Ice Bucket with Tong is the perfect choice. It can store a hearty amount of ice cubes and keep them from melting for a long time because of the steel lid. Made from the best stainless steel, this ice bucket reflects elegance while still being ergonomic to handle. You will find this one in gold and silver finishing. Pick one to suit your home’s bar, or as a very stylish gift for someone for Holi! 

Professional Cocktail Bar Kit with Bag

Drinking fun can take you places, indoor and outdoor, especially during vibrant occasions like Holi. But that does not mean that you have to compromise on your drinking experience - especially when you like to drink with style and elegance. This professional Cocktail Bar Kit will accompany you and help you enjoy your drink effortlessly. 

This kit contains all the essential tools and accessories to create premium cocktails and drinks. Think strainers, shakers, jiggers, muddlers, etc. You can choose from the 8, 13, and 15 piece kits depending upon your needs. This cocktail bar kit is highly portable as it comes with a bag for neat storage and carry. Besides, it is a very useful kit to have - ask frequent travelers and campers! 

Skull Shape Cocktail Glass with Straw

What is life without whimsy? And what is whimsy without artful expression? If you are a cocktail lover, you will definitely appreciate these skull shaped cocktail glasses. Its captivating design will definitely be a conversation starter at your Holi party. Not only its form, but its function is pleasing as well. Each skull shaped glass comes with fused straw for seamless sipping and a memorable drinking experience. So, grab this unique drinkware set of two and leave a bold impression on your guests.

Skull-Shaped Cocktail Glass with Straw, a duo that combines impressive design with a unique aesthetic.

By now you may have already brainstormed some party and get-together ideas for the upcoming Holi festival. Pick the products that tick your pulse - we will keep bringing more curated items for you. 

Make this Holi a special one with the finest glassware and barware collection.