Must Have Teaware for Tea Lovers

sourabh bajaj

That first sip of a gorgeously aromatic, sweet & mildly spiced tea is the perfect way to kickstart your morning. In fact, fanatic tea-lovers will advocate a hot cup of their favorite tea in the afternoon or the evening to instantly energize and rejuvenate the soul. Depending upon where you stand with your love for tea, one thing is clear - a good hot brew is like a warm hug at any time of the day.

We are here to elevate your tea drinking experience. Whether you indulge yourself with tea more than once a day, or just love throwing tea parties for your friends and neighbors, a refined experience is always welcome. And, selected premium teaware can do wonders for your experience!

So, Here are some must-have teaware for tea lovers to add a touch of sophistication for every tea drinking session.  

Read on and pick your favorite teaware!

Premium Porcelain Teacup and Saucer

If you are into luxury crafted teaware with a touch of English sophistication, then this premium Porcelain Teacup will definitely stand out for you. It features opulent floral design on the cup and the saucer with elegant golden rims. Whether you use it for your solo tea sessions or serving the guests, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed! This teacup and saucer set offers unique craftsmanship and design - a true star among the premium teaware collection. 

Bird Print Luxury Tea Set

Brace yourself for the epitome of luxury tea drinking experience with this royal Bird Print Luxury Tea Set. This teaware easily outshines others with its opulent design. It comes with four spoons, four cups, one tray and one pot - each beautifully draped in colorful bird motifs. The pot is partially transparent with an inner bone china body. The pot can house a lit candle or earthen lamp to keep the tea simmering warm. All-in-all, this set is a fantastic choice for a luxury tea drinking experience and serving special guests.

European Luxury Tea Set

This European Luxury Tea Set appeals to those with a keen eye for elegant craftsmanship and fine details. This one is a complete tea set and comes with two cups, two saucers, two spoons, one milk pot, one kettle, one sugar pot, and one stand. The fine print artistry depicts scenes from European heritage with beautiful colors. This is a must-have teaware for those who value refined taste and style. 

Quirky Platter

This ceramic platter set is the perfect choice for serving delectable snacks for your high tea session. Each platter comes with an elegant shape for serving the snacks and a small round partition for dips. The colors and patterns for all the platters is unique, making it a visually festive treat with assorted food items! The borders of the platters are golden and add an opulent touch to the entire serveware. This platter set also goes very well with other premium ceramic tea sets.

Honeybee Jar with Spoon

Call it quirky, call it fancy - but this one is definitely a head-turner! The Honeybee Jar is definitely a unique serveware that will be a conversation starter at any gathering. It features a beautiful honeybee shaped frame with a transparent jar attached to it. You can simply lift the wings which double-up as the lid to access the jar, and use the spoon to fetch items. It is best-suited for serving honey (clever isn’t it!). It will be a beloved serveware item for your guests, especially if they prefer honey with their teacakes!

Round Two-Tier Dessert Stand

Attention, dear dessert lovers! This is the perfect premium-quality glossy dessert stand with a beautiful concept. The entire setup adds a glimpse of royalty with standout luxury—a must-have for serving teacakes, cookies, and delicious high tea items. It comes with two tiers/levels to sort and serve your snacks with ease. The compactness of this stand enables you to serve multiple desserts in a single go. The setup is supported by a well-built stand, ensuring fantastic balance and a hearty volume of food items to be served. 

Glaze Marble Ceramic Plate with Glass Dome

If you love high teas, chances are that you also love assorted cakes, pastries, and handmade cookies. Well, while serving them to guests, retaining the freshness and integrity of these sweet items is critical. The glaze marble ceramic plate is an artful choice to serve them! This ceramic plate comes with clear and transparent glass domes, which insulates the sweet items from the external environment. 

We are talking about protecting the delicate cakes and pastries from excessive fan air, AC cooling, and even unwanted micro pests that are attracted by sugary items. You definitely need to have this one if you serve a lot of guests. 

Brown Leather Serving Tray

Transporting delicate cups, teaware, and food items from the kitchen to the serving table has to be done carefully. While breakage occurs once in a while, you don’t want your expensive and luxury teaware/serveware to suffer the same fate - it is best to avoid it. The brown leather serving tray is not only good looking, but also balances form and factor. The leather textured surface prevents accidental slips of the tea cups and ceramic plates kept within. The tray features walls on all the sides for additional safety of the items during their journey from the kitchen to the table. The metal plating in the center of the tray gives it a fine finish. It is easy to hold and use. 

We are sure that you are deciding between multiple items to take your tea drinking and snacking experience to the next level. Pick your favorite items and also share it with your friends 🙂

Enjoy your tea and stay tuned for more!