The Types of Cocktail Glasses You Need, According to Drink Experts

gaurav sharma

The ideal cocktail glass set for you will depend on your preferences and what you intend to serve in them. According to David Fudge, co-founder of the non-alcoholic spirit company Aplós, the first rule of thumb is choosing a vessel you would truly like drinking from.

Extensive research was done on cocktail glasses online, and over a dozen seasoned bartenders and alcohol enthusiasts spoke about their preferred models to help you find your ideal matches.

The company Smokey Cocktail wants to leave a lasting impression by boosting your personal style and adding a special touch to your glasses.

Whether it's a daily glass of wine or a cup of coffee in the morning, their mission is to make every drinking experience lovelier. Any beverage may elevate mood and make people happier when consumed from the right cup, mug, or glass.

A benchmark for drinking behaviour is set by employing Smokey Cocktail.

Glassware from both the past and the present, extravagant and subtle, rough and exquisite, is collected by Smokey Cocktail. Each glass adds richness to a home and ensures excellent quality. There are elegant glasses available for each occasion. There are also classy coffee mugs and cocktail glasses available.

A few types of cocktail glasses from Smokey Cocktail are listed below:

1. Double wall martini glass (set of 6): Rs. 3999
Hand-blown double-walled borosilicate glass stem less martini glasses with a contemporary, lightweight style that are lead-free.
Drinks are kept at the ideal temperature thanks to the double wall insulation, which prevents condensation and moisture from building up on the glass outside.
Hand wash, then gently towel dry.
Each glass has a 6.75-ounce capacity (200 ml)

2. Puffer fish-shaped glass (set of 2): Rs. 2699
Each glass has a height of 20 cm and a capacity of 550ml.

3. Diamante martini glass (set of 6): Rs. 4990
Each glass has a mouth width of 11.5 cm, a height of 11.5 cm and a capacity of 220ml.

4. Grandioso glass (set of 2): Rs. 2799
Each glass has a mouth width of 8.5 cm, a height of 24.5 cm and a capacity of 1050ml.

5. Big top coupe glass (set of 2): Rs. 2999
The circus concept of the collection is delightfully updated in these coupe glasses. The elegant and clean silhouette is crafted from transparent lead-free crystal and is characterized by a spacious bowl and a tapering stem with an appealing tactile touch that is elevated in a linear pattern, Shown as two separate items. These glasses are lead-free and safe for dishwashers.
Each glass has a mouth width of 10.5 cm, a height of 15 cm and a capacity of 200ml.

6. Paragon stem glass (set of 2): Rs. 2999
The stem glasses by Paragon have a distinctive style. They feature a transparent stem that serves as the glass's foundation. There are two sizes of crystal glass on top: a tiny aperture and a broad opening. The quality of each version is at least as good as the other. For all those spontaneous drinking sessions at whatever time of day, all you need in your crockery collection is a set of paragon stem glasses.
Each glass has a mouth width of 10 cm, a height of 20 cm and a capacity of 225ml.

7. Swarovski cocktail glass (set of 2): Rs. 3699
The Swarovski Cocktail Glasses offer an especially appealing appearance for your fast mocktails. A little glass with a large aperture is mounted on the sturdy stem at the base of the vase. The sole purpose of the Swarovski glasses is to make drinking more fashionable.
Each glass has a mouth width of 10.5 cm, a height of 18.5 cm and a capacity of 275ml.